Thursday, 17 January 2013

So, It's Been Two Years

So here I am at the two year mark of my dreary slide into physical dependence. I think it's time to take stock.

Over the past year I've given up both walking and eating. My hands are basically flippers, except rather less useful, as I can barely raise them from my lap. My speech is sufficiently slurred that strangers have trouble understanding me,even when I can actually manage to speak through all the excess saliva that's always threatening to choke me.

Having said that, I'm still pretty cheerful and enjoying life. I do have a rather cool power chair and the state pays for my food, so its not all bad. I'll be getting an eye gaze system soon and I have brain-computer interfaces to play with. Lots of fun stuff. I'm starting to finally achieve my long held ambition to become a cyborg.

The house is mostly finished with just some electrics and automation to go.  It's looking really good too. Aside of a couple of powered ceiling hoists, you wouldn't know it was designed for a crip. I'll stick some piccy's up on FB soon.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Oh, No It's Another MND Blog

Traditionally the first blog post sums up the purpose of the blog, and since I'm a stickler for tradition (not!), I shall do the same. The primary purpose is to answer the perennial question 'How are you?' Which normally elicits the polite rejoinder 'I'm fine', but with MND requires a rather fuller response. Which, with MND, is considerably harder to give. So, I shall endeavour to post regular updates on my condition, mental state, and the various trials and tribulations that comes with being a crip. Then, when I'm asked how I am, I can just reply RTFB.

The blog name actually comes from the phrase 'All watched over by machines of loving grace', but seemed appropriate given the sheer number of helpers, carers, healthcare professionals and  assorted bureaucrats who keep an eye on me now.