Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Botox after a week

So it's been a week on the botox and the saliva is certainly better from a quantitative standpoint if not from a qualitative one. By which I mean there is definitely less saliva but I still need the bib, still choke at regular intervals and still can't lie on my back. There are a couple of benefits I have noticed, though. I can hold my head upright for longer before I have to lean forward and dribble. And I have less trouble choking in bed. Which are no small benefits.

So a cautious thumbs up to injecting your mouth with poison.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Lethal Injections

I went to hospital on Monday to have botox injected into my salivary glands. Well, two out of three of them anyway. The appointment went ok. As usual the worst bit was the transport, because of my weak neck muscles. Basically I get whiplash every time the ambulance speeds up, slows down or goes over a bump. Traffic calming humps are the worst. I have always disliked them on principle but now I loathe them with a passion.

Luckily my gorgeous daughter was there to hold my head and soothe my anxiety by prattling on. My wife was following in the car, because despite the transport having 10 Seats, all unoccupied, I was not allowed more than one carer. Typical NHS.

The procedure itself was fairly routine. Sit here, hold still, small prick. That kind of thing. They injected my parotid and submandibular salivary glands, but not the sublinguals because apparently they're a bit hard to find. Quitters.

It's a bit too early to judge the effects as it can take up to a week. More later.