Friday, 29 March 2013

Kidney Stone - Slight Reprise

So the wimpy kidney stone finally reappeared. This time I was reclining in front of the tv in the evening while my loved ones were out. This meant that there was no one to help me and I had stupidly not set up any means of contacting anyone. This meant that I was in a lot of pain with no help in sight for a couple of hours. And it was my own stupid fault.

As an aside, here is a picture of the surface of a kidney stone:

Help eventually arrived and I was transferred to the bed and given paracetamol. When that didn't work I had some morphine which we had handily got in after last time. When that also didn't work, it was back to hospital. The journey wasn't quite so bad because we had specifically asked for one that I could sit up in, but otherwise it was a reprise of the first trip. By the time I got to hospital the pain was lessening and soon it was just a question of waiting for the ambulance home.

Apparently the pain was caused by the stone moving into my bladder so this should be the last of it. And now I have spare morphine. Yay!